Looking for counselling in Surrey or Hampshire? How about a Farnham counsellor?

We are Talk to David Ltd, a small company that provides Counselling to adults in the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire areas.

Talk to David Ltd is the professional home of David Whittam.

David is a Farnham Counsellor, supporting those in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

David can also provide counselling on the telephone or online via Zoom


David Whittam is our integrative therapeutic counsellor

Hello, I’m David

Are you looking to privately explore your thoughts and feelings?

A picture David Whittam. David is the counsellor at talk to david ltd
David Whittam

I believe that you hold within yourself your own answers and compass.

It’s my job to create an atmosphere of trust where you can voice your own thoughts and feeling so you can hear your own answers.


Are you looking for face-to-face Counselling?

Live or work in Surrey or Hampshire? Are you searching for “counselling in Farnham” or “therapy in Farnham”?

A graphic listing the local places that that are supported by Counselling in Farnham. Locations include Farnham, Godalming, Frimley, Odiham, Surrey, Farnborough, Wrecclesham, Church Crookam, Hook, Berkshire, Rushmoor, Aldershot, Hindhead, Tongam, North Camp,  Alton, Guildford, Ash, Camberley, Fleet, Bordon, Hampshire and Ask Vale.
A picture of a counselling room. It shows three comfortable chairs, set around a small table

You can experience individual Counselling from our comfortable therapy room in central Farnham.



Counselling or Therapy offers you a chance to explore your ‘self ‘.

What’s Counselling?

Counselling involves talking with a trained and skilled listener, often called a counsellor or a therapist. There are many different ways of defining Counsellor and Therapist including the method, philosophy and training of the listener, and whether the duration is long term or short term. Both are talking therapies and recently they have started to be used interchangeably. Rather than prescribing medications, talking therapies rely on the power of openly discussing one persons thoughts, feeling and potential difficulties with another human.

For me Counselling is more free flowing than therapy, and involves following the clients lead, allowing the client to explore and develop their own understanding and solutions to life’s issues. Counselling is recognised by the NHS along with other Talking therapies. Counselling works for ‘common mental illnesses’ such as anxiety and depression as well as with life issues (such as bereavement, relational problems, or difficult or numbed emotions resulting from life events).

What about Therapy?

“A therapy or medical treatment (often abbreviated tx, Tx, or Tx) is the attempted remediation of a health problem, usually following a medical diagnosis” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Therapy

For me Therapy is about targeted support to the client – often based on a medical model, where the therapist identifies or diagnoses a problem and then applies a therapy to alleviate that specific problem. A lot of NHS provided talking therapy is carefully chosen in order to offer an evidence based technique to a specific issue, or diagnosis.

What is therapeutic about Counselling?


1. adj. pertaining to therapeutics, the branch of medical science concerned with the treatment of diseases and disorders and the discovery and application of remedial agents or methods.

2. adj. having beneficial or curative effects. https://dictionary.apa.org/therapeutic

Studies have found Counselling to have a generally beneficial or curative effect, and many studies have found Therapy reduces specifically measured symptoms.

As an Integrative Counsellor I am trained to use multiple ways of working. By default I adopt the counselling role. In this role, I work alongside you as an equal, I follow your lead as you explore your own thoughts and feelings, and I believe that you hold within yourself the drive and the wisdom to create and define your own path.

A picture. It shows a figure crouched by the side of a footbridge. The black hoodie has the words "Boys get sad too, boys get sad too" written in white.

At other times, with your agreement, I adopt a more challenging set of ideas and concepts, working with you to explore and possibly modify the way you behave as well as exploring how you think, feel, and understand life’s events


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