Are you seeking

Peace of Mind ?

I am David Whittam a professional counsellor

I offer one to one counselling to adults

Shall we Talk ?

Are you searching for peace of mind ?

Are you struggling with uncomfortable feelings or unease that arises out of experiencing: yourself, others, society, work, or the human condition?

Would you like the space to talk through what is troubling you?

Maybe you are troubled by your relationship with yourself and feel overburdened by worry stress, anxiety, or feeling low.

Maybe it is family issues or relationships with others that are bringing up distressing uncomfortable feelings including: guilt, feeling stuck, or a desire for change or endings.

Possibly you would like to exploring the loss of a dear one or a valued part of yourself.

I offer you the opportunity to explore your ‘self’ in a discreet, private and confidential environment away from family and friends.

How can I help ?

Experience a sense of connection

By attentively listening to you I provide an experience of deep human connection

A safe place to get honest

As your trust in me grows the privacy and confidentiality of the counselling space allows you to honestly explore your fears, worries and emotions.

An opportunity to find your path

As we continue to explore and bear witness to your thinking, feeling, and emotions your acceptance of yourself grows and with it clarity emerges.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” Carl Rogers

Services and Special offers

Free telephone call to ask about counselling

Would you like a ‘free no obligation initial discussion’ telephone call to answer your questions about counselling

Counselling is available face to face or online

Want to know more about online or face to face counselling with David

Special introductory offers and discounts are available

Free introductory phone call
First session free if you choose not to continue
Discounts for: Key workers, low wages

“”Telling the story to ourselves is more important than telling it to someone else” Van der Kolk, 2009

Some information about me

I am David Whittam

An Experienced professionally trained counsellor who specialises in peoples life issues.

I’m a Great listener, professional and friendly with a fantastic, supportive manner.

My company is Talk to David Ltd

Our mission: To provide high quality counselling to adults


Whether you’re curious about how counselling could help you,
or looking to book a free no obligation discussion,
or to book a session,
I’m here to answer your questions.

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