A typewriter with paper. On the paper is written 'Terms of Service'

Who are we? and what are our terms and conditions?

We are Talk to David Ltd and this is our terms and conditions page.

Talk to David Ltd is a small company that provides one to one counselling for adults. We support clients in Berkshire, Surrey, and Hampshire from our rooms in Bagshot and Guildford, as well as providing online Counselling services to those living in England. Want to know more about us …

Our Counselling can be provided face to face, by telephone or online using a video link.

Our business documents and agreements

We provide Counselling in accordance with four key documents:

By signing the ‘Counselling agreement’, you confirm that you been provided with, and accept ‘Our terms and conditions’ and ‘Our full GDPR and privacy policy’. And that through those documents you have been informed of your GDPR rights

Our terms and conditions.

The latest version of ‘Our terms an conditions‘ is version 2024v1.0 which was last updated on the 21/1/2024.

You can read or download a copy of here.

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