Discounts & Offers

Special Introductory offers:

I am looking forward to talking to you. And, I also understand that you may have questions around how counselling could help you, and maybe whether you will feel comfortable working with me.

It is for these reasons that I offer two special introductory offers.

  • the option for a free phone call to explore how counselling can help you.
  • the option to try a single session on the agreement that if you decide not to continue – there is no charge.

Discount offers:

Discounts are also available for Key workers, NHS, Blue light and for those that are struggling financially

Free no-obligation phone call

Free No-obligation telephone call

Would you like me to call you?

A ‘free no obligation initial discussion’ or telephone call allows me to answer your questions about counselling. We can briefly talk over what brings you to counselling and any formal psychiatric diagnoses you may have before checking our diaries regarding possible sessions days and times.

The initial discussion usually lasts between 10 and 20 minutes and is free of charge

Free first session – ‘pay only if you wish to continue’

Your first Counselling session is on a ‘pay only if you wish to continue basis’. If at the end of the session you choose not to continue for any reason, there is no charge. Should you wish to continue, your second session will be charged at twice the agreed fee.

Offer applies to both online and face to face clients


Key workers, NHS, and blue light (£5 discount per session)

Struggling financially, If fees are difficult then please asks as there are some concession for the unemployed/very low wage (up to £15 discount)

Offer applies to both online and face to face clients

Why Choose David

“David has been amazing at unpicking my issues and helping me find ways to cope. He is professional and considerate with a fantastic, supportive manner.”
Written Nov 2022

“Great listener, professional and friendly. Really great and offering different ways of looking at a situation or issue.”
Written Oct 2022

Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

3 years supervised clinical experience with Youthline UK, providing one to one humanistic client-centred counselling to young people and the adults who care for them. 

3 years supervised clinical experience with CatalystSupport, providing one to one counselling to adults experiencing, or living with, Drug or Alcohol issues.

Formally trained in Counselling

3 years of professional work experience

Enhanced DBS clearance

Quick Turnaround

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